Marina Al Alamein Tourist Center is considered the finest and most beautiful site on the north coast and even one of the most beautiful and finest tourist resorts in Egypt, with its architectural beauty and beaches extending to more than twelve kilometers and natural lakes for swimming and water sports in addition to a complete basic structure designed and implemented on the latest international systems.
The Board of Directors of the Employees' Union was elected in accordance with law No. 119 of 2008 and its executive regulations issued by the decision of Mr. Engineer/ Minister of Housing, Utilities and Urban Development No. 144 for the year 2009.
A consultative council assisting the Association of Occupants in managing its functions has been selected from a distinguished group of public figures who will help develop the Marina Center to remain one of the best tourist centers in Egypt on the Mediterranean Sea and in order to facilitate service to the owners gentlemen, marina center has been divided into eight major sectors.


Marina Center is located between kilometer 94 - kilometer 105 north of the coastal road Alexandria Matrouh and has been fully constructed. Marina Center is located in one of the best costal locations as it has to its west and the city of Al-Alamal, after which there is the famous area of Sidi Abd al-Rahman. The area between 98.5 km and 100 km has been fully delivered to the Egyptian Antiquities Authority as some Roman relics was found there and currently excavations are under way with care in the hope of exploring the ruins of this ancient city, which is said to have already been the Roman port, which exported wheat and grapes to the entire northern coast.
Marina Center is an integrated tourism project that takes its right path to exploitation and investment through a clear vision and sound guidance in the stages of planning, design, implementation, management, operation, marketing, promotion and revitalization, and the idea of establishing this center aims to install Egyptian and foreign feet on the road of beach tourism and entertainment to the global level
This resort has been given the term 'center' because it is considered the largest touristic gathering located on the northwest coast and exceeds the term 'village' and has been called 'marina', which is opposite the word 'Marine', which means port as it is said and mentioned earlier that this area was already the Romanian port for the export of agricultural products to Rome