• The owner should know all the main data about his unit and the area he lives in (unit address/ area number/ sector number)
  • Keep the directory with department and service data for the required service (distributed free of charge with annual service payment) Resort to the head of the competent sector in all the problems encountered by the owner (electricity/agriculture/security/water/cleanliness)
  • Report if a representative is assigned to enter the unit or the key is passed to a relative
  • Attention to repairing any defects with locks or trapeze the entrances of the special unit overlooking the skylights Attention to cutting fences and vegetable fences around the unit to the appropriate heights that are easy to monitor and follow from the security staff, which do not bother the neighbors and the rear units
  • Securing the windows of the kitchen and bathroom with the necessary means for the floor rotor
  • Obtaining a permit for the employees of the unit( a gardener/private guard) from the security department to be able to identify the workers and monitor their movements Obtaining a permit from the village tourism agency before carrying out any construction or annexing flats to the unit and raising the waste of construction first
  • Refrain from using municipal fertilizers and protection in gardens as of may first All the beaches of the center are public beaches for all gentlemen owners, it is not allowed to allocate any area of the beaches with fences or fences
  • Fishing spikes or fishing nets are not allowed in all water bodies within the center.


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  • No marine unit will be allowed to descend into the lakes without its own number obtained by the management company after registering the vehicle with the company and giving it permission to use the lakes and provided that it is owned by one of the owners of the residential units in marina center
  • Only the maritime units are authorized to enter the gates: Gate 2, yacht entrance, gate 3, gate 5, gate 7.
  • The age of those who drive a marine unit must not be less than 16 years with the need to obtain a driving license for the establishments from the competent maritime inspection department
  • We must make sure that all safety equipment is available freely and this equipment is: Fire extinguisher conforms to the specifications of the Egyptian Maritime Safety Authority Number of 6 rubber shock inhibitions and the number increases according to the length of the unit Life jackets for the number specified in the valid license of the unit A hook in addition to 30 meters of ropes
  • The speed of any marine unit in the big lakes should not exceed 30 km/h for the boats and jet ski 50 km/h and under bridges 20 km/h for all units
  • Timing of use of marine units in lakes from sunrise to sunset
  • Do not allow the work of various marine sports such as water skiing after 2 pm due to the congestion in the lakes to keep the users of these sports safe from collision
  • Commanders of naval units must be obliged to walk in their designated shipping lanes and are strictly prohibited from entering the designated areas for bathing and swimming.
  • The commanders of the naval units must commit to walking on the right side of the shipping lane and under the bridges.
  • Border guards must authorize any marine unit before leaving to the sea
  • The owner of any marine unit located in the bathing areas or the owner of which destroys the ropes of the chimandorate will be prevented from going down in the lakes while taking legal measures against it
  • Commanders of marine units are prohibited from disposing of any residues or oils in lake waters and are subjected to legal actions.
  • The need to follow the instructions of the maritime security personnel who have been assigned to monitor the lakes and follow up the implementation of those instructions
  • The management company calls on all gentlemen owners of marine units and lake users to abide by these instructions for the sake of their lives and confirms that it is not responsible in case any person violates it and bears sole legal and criminal responsibility
  • The construction company for development and tourism management is doing its best to provide a comfortable stay while you are at marina al Alamein tourist center so you can contact the person responsible for the service you want in the sector of your residence and the head of the sector that follows it and god willing you will receive a complaint And your note all the attention and in case of non-response from the sector which is taken seriously by the management of the company we ask you to contact the main center of the administration and inform the officials about the failure of the sector to eliminate the complaint and hold the officials in the sectors accountable for their inaction
Inside Marina
  • Inside Marina El Alamein Center Marina Central Hospital is located, run by elite doctors from the Ministry of Health and Population, and the center has all the emergency equipment and emergency services. The hospital is headed by Dr. Mahmoud Al-Helwani. Tel: 01222387383, 4060833/046
  • There are also four ambulances in the center owners' service and they can be called by calling 4060833/046-123-01222387383


  • The company's management provides the owners with insect control service within the unit under the supervision of specialized engineers in the field of control and trained technical workers using pesticides authorized by the Ministry of Health and according to a specific price list according to the area of the units
  • For information: Eng / Jamal Ibrahim 01002333318 Eng/ Mohammed Abdulaziz 01227885455